ALSI Foundation

Together we do more to support those who need us most!

Today we are facing a new opportunity, that of infecting others with solidarity and empathy; that of being only solution bearers and creators of new channels to support.

In the midst of the crisis, we decided to see the glass half full and do everything possible so that with your help others also see it that way.

That is why we join 3 important decisions made by the institutions we support, both Fe y Alegría and the Jesús Obrero Technical Institute:

Today, more than ever, we will continue to support the Food Program for our most vulnerable children and teachers.
Why? The commitment to the health and nutrition of our children and teaching talent gains even more strength to keep them energized and healthy in the current contingency.


Support the talent of our teachers.
Why? They are the main bridge between the generation of relief and a quality education that, whatever happens, must not cease to exist.


Invest to maintain constant communication with students to achieve distance learning.
Why? The main objective is that, even in times of crisis, we can guarantee that our children receive an education that they have by right.


Likewise, we remind you that we join efforts with Fundación Impronta through an alliance with the idea of multiplying opportunities for the Caucagüita community. Join us and support them!

You can be part of all this and build a country from the protection of your home. With a donation starting at $ 10 through zelle, paypal or by clicking on the button below you can donate via donorbox and you will make a difference, helping us all see the glass overflowing.

Finally we have great news! The report of our management can already be found on our website. We want to share our transparency, accountability and achievements with you in conjunction with our donors and ALSI family.

You can help Venezuelan children and youth by donating through our platforms

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You can help Venezuelan children and young people by donating through our paypal and donobox platforms.