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Give more of ourselves to NOT paralyze ourselves!

Despite the difficult global and local context that we have had to face in the face of Covid-19, at ALSI we have managed to reinvent ourselves together with the works that we benefit, to continue fulfilling our goal: To give more of ourselves in each of our tasks and responsibilities so that education, nutrition and the promotion of opportunities for children and young people in Venezuela, is maintained despite any adversity. With great pride we present part of the achievements that we have been able to achieve in these months of the year, guaranteeing our commitment to the institutions and organizations we support, as well as to our donors and allies.


Learn more about the projects we are promoting today, how much we should raise, what the project consists of and how your contribution helps to reach the collection goals that each institution requires.







We support child education and nutrition In Venezuela.

ALSI Foundation through For a Brighter Venezuela achieved a new alliance with Keep a Child Alive (KCA) to benefit 1,213 families of students, teachers and staff of the U.E. Mother Alberta Giménez Fe y Alegría (Cumaná, Sucre State) where the entire educational community received food kits and hygiene kits within the framework of Covid 19 during the month of October 2020. We hope to continue counting on the support of our allies and donors to continue to maintain this project over time and replicate it in many other schools throughout the country!

We are a member

Non Profit

“We are pleased to welcome Alsi Foundation as a member in the Non Profit Category, an NGO created as an initiative by a group of alumni of the Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, who in their concern for the situation that Venezuela is going through, established the purpose of helping the less favorated.

Through organizations and institutions with extensive experience, legitimacy and recognition that make social life in Venezuela, they help transform the lives of millions of children and young people in their food, education and health.

We agree with the ALSI Foundation that education is an engine that changes lives and that is what Venezuela needs”

Welcome to the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce!

Make a difference in a child's life.

ALSI’s raison d’être is to channel resources and wills aimed at supporting education, health, food and the generation of opportunities for the most vulnerable children and youth in Venezuela, impacting the quality of life of beneficiaries and training comprehensive citizens of good for our society.

Ambassador Program

The ALSI Ambassador is the key and essential piece of our foundation, where his role is to be a replicator of good news and achievements together, to achieve build and transform the country we long for through education, health and the generation of opportunities for our children and youth.

Who do we help?

Fe y Alegría

It is a popular education movement born and inspired by the Christian faith, founded by Father Jose Maria Velaz s.j. and we serve more than 243,000 participants.

Our contribution will be aimed at supporting the satisfaction of critical Education, H ealth and Food needs.

Fe y Alegria-U.E.Madre Alberta Giménez

Located in the city of Cumaná, Sucre State, it is part of the Fe y Alegría network and offers its community Preschool I, II and III stage of Basic Education and the Diversified Cycle with three Mentions: Maintenance Mechanics, Accounting and Informatics . From ALSI we benefit the Food Safety Program, impacting the quality of life of 1,645 students and 140 employees among teaching, administrative and worker personnel. It also performs other activities indoors; supporting the needy within the educational community.

Your contribution is always useful and is a way to help the school today to face the serious country situation.

Impronta Foundation

Fundación Impronta carries out its social work in Caucagüita, a poor parish in eastern Caracas, Venezuela, with an estimated population of 80,000 inhabitants. It focuses on generating opportunities that transform lives, especially of children and young people, through actions and programs that promote well-being, health and education as ways to overcome poverty. Every contribution counts.

Instituto Jesús Obrero

With more than 70 years of experience, the Jesús Obrero Educational Complex is an institution for public service and private management, not for profit, and is part of the network of educational institutions of the Society of Jesus. Located in Los Flores de Catia and January 23 in the city of Caracas, it offers the community basic education, technical secondary education, university education, and has an INCES training center. Currently, from the ALSI Foundation, we directly impact the quality of life of 205 beneficiaries, supporting children, youth and teachers with the Food Program as well as the Teaching Talent Support Program.


For about $ 1 per day, you can provide a better life for a child, his family and his community.

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Children and youth receive breakfasts and lunches daily at their schools.

We support the work and training of our teachers.

Offer training opportunities, life projects and well-being of the most vulnerable children and youth.

Investment in strengthening educational management and infrastructure in schools.

Sustainable development goals

From ALSI we strengthen our commitment to institutions and organizations aligned with the following sustainable development goals (SDG)

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

End all forms of malnutrition.

Quality primary and secondary education.

Equal access to higher education.

Skills to access employment.

Improves teacher qualification.

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It is born from the need we feel to help others and more specifically to help our Venezuela in its urgent needs of Education, Health and Food.

A group of Alumni had the initiative to coordinate efforts to create a foundation that achieves the dream of:

1- Achieve the Venezuela we want through support in Education, Food and Health of the most needy.
2- This support will be a great contribution to keep the flame of hope burning.
3- We invite you to realize our desire to help to achieve the changes.

Our vision

To be an organization of excellence that guarantees a sustainable and permanent commitment to Venezuela, impacting on the quality of life of vulnerable children and youth.

Our mission

We support children and youth in need in Venezuela in their education, food and health, inspired by the philosophy of loving and serving.


Luis Armando Yanes Luciani.


Humberto Jose Corredor Ayala.

Vice president.

Victor Manuel Galdo Castro.



Luis Augusto Colmenares Gilly.

Jose Angel Lares.


Francisco Utrera.

Luis Luciani.

Luis Xavier Luján P.



P. Luis Ugalde sj

Former Rector UCAB.

P. Manuel Aristorena sj

Director Nacional Fe y Alegría.

P. Jesús Orbegozo sj

Social Consortium Director SJ


Bernardo J. Guinand Ayala.

Executive vice-president.


Arivana Rangel Duran.

General Manager.



We apply solidarity as a fundamental human value in helping and collaborating with people, beyond our personal interests and particular needs.

We act honestly and transparently. We always comply with the applicable legal ethics and regulations.

We are responsible and committed in the fulfillment of our functions, executing them according to best practices and optimizing resources to achieve quality results.

Our performance will always strive to achieve the highest standards of performance and results.


As a transversal axis of each of our processes and activities in the organization, guaranteeing timely accountability and access to information from our management, thus reinforcing the trust of our allies and beneficiaries.

ALSI is a Nonprofit Foundation, registered in the USA, an initiative of a group of Alumni  and whose main objective is fundraising in support of institutions Charities committed to the Venezuelan Youth and linked to the Ignatian environment. We have 501 C3 certification, so your contributions will be taken into account when filing your taxes in the US.


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