Despite the difficult global and local context that we have had to face in the face of Covid-19, at ALSI we have managed to reinvent ourselves together with the works that we benefit, to continue fulfilling our goal: To give more of ourselves in each of our tasks and responsibilities so that education, nutrition and the promotion of opportunities for children and young people in Venezuela, is maintained despite any adversity. With great pride we present part of the achievements that we have been able to achieve in these months of the year, guaranteeing our commitment to the institutions and organizations we support, as well as to our donors and allies.

1. In June, thanks to the contribution of one of our main donors and allies, we supported for the first time the Gonzaga School in Maracaibo to promote programs dedicated to its human talent and strengthening of the base of its institution, where it was achieved impact the lives of 85 teachers and school support staff.

The Gonzaga School family made great efforts to adapt to this new modality of distance education with digital means and technological resources, avoiding all the daily difficulties of power failure and connectivity.

At the beginning of the pandemic, its students turned in 63% of the assignments, however at the end of the school term it was possible to reach just over 90%. The commitment, mystique of work, vocation and full dedication of their teachers, was definitely fundamental and decisive to achieve these very satisfactory results from the hand of their students and representatives.

2. The San José Obrero – Fe y Alegría Technical School located in Antímano, trains highly qualified people in the industrial field so that they can contribute to the development of the country from a productive and entrepreneurial approach, through a Modular Curricular Design by Competences in its programs of Technical Secondary Education. Thanks to our donors, it was also possible in June to strengthen the Teaching Talent Support Program, benefiting teachers and educational personnel of the institution, benefiting 56 members of their school community to guarantee their food and training.

3. Our beloved team from the Impronta Foundation promoted the Quarantine campaign in Caucagüita, responding to the Covid-19 emergency, benefiting nearly 200 vulnerable families in Caucagüita with food and hygiene supplies, masks and antibacterials.

Likewise, they successfully carried out the 2020 Digital Vacation Plan Creating Opportunities for Peace where a group of young people were trained as Peace Recreamers, and more than 130 children and young people from the community participated in the different weeks of the plan.

4. We have a new alliance with Fundación Bengoa! We have strengthened ties to seek the consolidation of programs and obtain resources that help to provide answers on the food and nutritional issue that the vast majority of the Venezuelan population is experiencing, with special emphasis on children and adolescents. In this way, Fundación Bengoa is part of the social organizations in Venezuela that participate in our financing, accompaniment and support programs through our platforms and strategies for resource management.

5. In September we launched the ALSI Ambassador Program, a favorable occasion to meet virtually with our old and new allies, collaborators, volunteers and ALSI family.

During the event we had the opportunity to talk about our ALSI Ambassador program and reinforce the large number of people in different parts of the world who have the will and desire to help those most in need. The ALSI Ambassador is the key and essential piece of our foundation, where his role is to be a replicator of good news and achievements together, to achieve build and transform the country we long for through education, health and the generation of opportunities for our children and youth.

We were honored with the participation of our allies and advisers:

– Padre Luis Ugalde s.j.
– Padre Manuel Aristorena s.j
– Padre Jesús Orbegozo s.j
– Padre Daniel Figuera s.j
– Miguel Ángel Corominas 

This, without a doubt, was the passport of good actions for many to decide to join and commit to the education and nutrition of Venezuelan children and youth. In these times of social distancing, we connect from all over the world with the heart in Venezuela.

If you want to join the Ambassador Program, you are still on time! Click on the form and you can support us with your talent, capabilities, resources, contributions or by helping to publicize our work.

6. At the Jesús Obrero Technical Institute, the Food Safety Program was continued and, during the months of the pandemic, coordinated the monthly delivery of 100 bags of food for the families of the most vulnerable students and employees of the school community, and in this way be able to continue with the benefit for your nutrition.

Additionally, from ALSI we supported Jesús Obrero with a special contribution that allowed them – together with other wills – to acquire 20 smart phones so that teachers could carry out their classes synchronously with their students.

An exemplary case of the commitment and love of the Jesús Obrero teachers towards their students is that of the teacher Ysamar Oropeza, who, through a bicycle tour, knocked on the door of all her students. With a bicycle, a lot of motivation and the love to help her students, in the midst of this situation, she managed to leave her home to continue supporting the education of her 6th grade A students.

7. In October, we were able to establish an alliance with Keep a Child Alive through the organization For a Brighter Venezuela, where, thanks to their support, we were able to deliver 1,213 food and hygiene kits for the educational community from the EU Mother Alberta Giménez- Fe y Alegría in the city of Cumaná, thus benefiting all the families of students, teachers, administrative personnel and school workers. It is worth mentioning that the coordination and organization undertaken by the board of directors, employees and volunteers of the community of Madre Alberta, were key and essential to execute each step of this project within the framework of Covid-19 and overcome all the deficiencies in services and transfer of the eastern part of the country.

We are committed to continue supporting all these communities in order to continue contributing to education and social construction in Venezuela. You can be part of all this! If you want to donate, you can do it through zelle, paypal or by clicking on the button below via donorbox, for more information you can write to [email protected]

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