ALSI Foundation 2020 Management Report

Today more than ever committed to organizations dedicated to children and youth in Venezuela for their education, health and generation of opportunities for the future.


2020 was a year full of challenges, learnings and rethinking multiple solutions and approaches, within an unexpected and sudden pandemic situation for which we were definitely not prepared.

This scenario is even more complex in our Venezuela, where the impact of COVID-19 caused much damage, especially to the most vulnerable, especially given the acute economic and humanitarian crisis that the country was already suffering.

This meant for the ALSI Foundation to reflect and act efficiently and effectively, to mobilize in novel, innovative ways, overcome obstacles and further deepen our ties with donors, partners, institutions and organizations to which we owe our reason for being.

In 2020 we assume once again as a team, the commitment and responsibility to provide an immediate and impactful response in order to reach more children, youth, families and teachers despite local and global difficulties.

For us it is an immense pride and privilege, to be able to share with you part of what was this very particular year of growth for ALSI Foundation and especially, having been able to undertake our mission in the hands of recognized institutions and organizations who did an impeccable job. in a pandemic situation, to train children and young people into good men and women, as well as to impact their families, teachers and communities.

We want to thank each of the people and institutions that have deposited an organization, and that make ALSI continue to be that safe bridge that channels resources, wills and talent to transform the present and future of Venezuela.

Luis Armando Yanes Luciani

President ALSI Foundation

Some data on the country context during 2020


of children and young people do not attend school for the following reasons:

23% Water service

16% Lack of food in the home

17% Blackouts

7% Transport

18% Teachers are missing

15% Attend private schools

85%Attend public campuses

The loss of the families’ ability to pay is felt at all levels of education: The participation of private education falls significantly.
(National Survey on Living Conditions in Venezuela -ENCOVI, 2019-2020)

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2020 achievements achieved by the hand of allies and the organizations we support

Next, we mention the institutions and foundations that we support and what were our most significant achievements accumulated throughout 2020, which would not have been possible to achieve without the infinite and constant generosity of our donors, the mystique of work, the inventiveness and creativity in the midst of a pandemic, to continue the work from the organizations to which we owe ourselves, and of course the trust that new institutional allies placed in ALSI so that we could serve as a safe bridge that channels resources and will to reach more beneficiaries.

Gonzaga School Educational Unit - Maracaibo

Impronta Foundation - Caucaguita Parish

San Jóse Obrero Industrial Technical School - Antimano

Historical resources granted 2018 - 2020

2018 - 2019 | 175%
Crecimienti interanual
2019 - 2020 | 23%
Crecimienti interanual










Historical resources collected 2018 - 2020

2018 - 2019 | 140%
Crecimienti interanual
2019 - 2020 | 65%
Crecimienti interanual











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