ALSI Foundation 2019 Annual Report

ALSI Foundation arises as an initiative of a group of alumni of Colegio San Ignacio de Caracas, Venezuela. Its objective is to become a reliable and trustworthy channel to help obtain donations, create new enterprises and create bonds, both national and international, that will help strengthen the areas of education and nutrition of children and youngsters in the most vulnerable areas of Venezuela. We have put in place platforms on line at PayPal, Donorbox, and Zelle to collect donations worldwide. ALSI is a United States registered 501.c3 non-profit organization which allows our patrons to discount their donations from US tax declarations.

At ALSI, we support three educational enterprises:

Instituto Técnico Jesús Obrero (Parroquia Catia and 23 de Enero)

Jesús Obrero is a technological institution that belongs to the Jesuits. It opened its doors in 1948 as a small school in the neighborhood of Los Flores de Catia in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1967 it started a vocational technology high school, the first of its kind in the whole country, in the area of electronics. In 1970 a new vocational specialization is added in the area of computers, once again the first of its kind in Venezuela. Since that time, the Jesús Obrero has been recognized for its high-quality education in the field of technology; its alumni are a living testimony of the top level of education imparted at the institute, not only in the area of technology and job preparation, but as citizens and active members of their community. ALSI is proud to help support 205 students and teachers through the “Securing the Nutrition” plan being carried at the institution.

Instituto Jesús obrero

Fé y Alegría – U.E. Escuela Madre Alberta Giménez (Ciudad de Cumaná)

U.E. Madre Alberta is located in Caiguire Arriba, in the city of Cumana, Sucre state. The school was founded by Father Jose Maria Velaz in 1962. It is a part of the Fe y Alegria conglomerate of schools for the most challenged areas of Venezuela. The school is a Pre-K to 12th grade institution, and it offers vocational high school diplomas in three areas: Mechanical Maintenance, Accounting, and Computers. ALSI helps support the “Securing the Nutrition” plan, it benefits and improve the quality of life of 1,645 students and 140 adults that work in the institution as teachers, administrators, and janitorial personnel.

OSCASI- Organización Social Católica San Ignacio (Parroquia Petare).

OSCASI is a non-profit organization of the Colegio San Ignacio in Caracas, Venezuela. It performs social work in one of the most vulnerable parishes in Caracas; it promotes well-being in this popular sector of the city. At the present time it is running two alternative schools: Nuestra Señora del Carmen and Beatriz Castillo in which children of both genders, and teenagers, without a formal school, attend to receive the needed education that will allow them to register in a formal school. OSCASI’s schools provide an education until the sixth grade level. ALSI provided 16 annual scholarships that covered expenses for education, health, and food for the local children and teenagers that received them.

Source: Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida en Venezuela (ENCOVI) survey

Data and Information about Nutrition and Education in Venezuela

The level of absentees among children and teenagers between 3 and 24 years of age is 30% * 80% of Venezuelan homes are not capable of fulfilling their daily nutrition requirement, while 89% cannot afford to buy food *
According to Caritas, levels of extreme malnutrition affect a little more than 30% of Venezuela’s children. This will translate into a lag in the cognitive and productive areas in the next 10 years
Manuel Aristorena, S.J., on his presentation in the forum: “Retos de la Educacion en Venezuela” (Challenges of Educating in Venezuela)
points out:
– The existence of a system that provides quality education
– Appropriate structures, buildings, classrooms, cafeteria, etc.
– The necessary school materials, notebooks, pencils, books, etc.
– An education based in entrepreneurship and productive work.

You can help Venezuelan children and teenagers donating through our platforms

ALSI 2019 Accomplishments

  1. Investment in the infrastructure: building, readiness, and equipment of two kitchens for the nutritional programs at Instituto Técnico Jesús Obrero, and Fe y Alegría – U.E. Madre Alberta de Gimenez.
  2. An increment of 140% in the amount of money raised as compared to 2018. Inauguration and daily running of the kitchens at Instituto Técnico Jesús Obrero, and Fe y Alegria – U.E. Madre Alberta de Gimenez.
  3. Launch of the campaign “Olla Solidaria” at the Fe y Alegria – U.E. Madre Alberta de Gimenez”, a food program that benefits 1,785 children, teenagers, and teachers.
  4. We closed the year benefiting 2,000 people including children, teenagers and the education community. We hope to benefit a lot more this year 2020.
  5. II ALSI Golf Open Tournament, with 13 donations and 4 businesses’ sponsorships.

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